What goes into creating a font? Minneapolis-based font designer Chank Diesel takes MN Original behind the letters as he designs a new font based on the old Hollywood Theater sign in Northeast Minneapolis. Chank sells his fonts (and also distributes free fonts) from his website, Chank.com. He often creates custom fonts for corporations and his fonts have appeared on Taco Bell wrappers, Honeycomb cereal boxes, Tanqueray billboards, bottles of Ocean Spray cranberry drink, and in the title design for the movie James and the Giant Peach. Chank is also a prolific painter and most of his paintings feature his trademark yellow “little dude” looking back at you.  Educators' Guide

Minnesota Music in this Segment:

Blue Sky Blackout http://www.blueskyblackout.com
Neighborhood Trio http://www.theneighborhoodtrio.com
Alison Scott http://www.alisonscott.com
Jeremy Messersmith http://www.jeremymessersmith.com

Special Thanks:
Photos of Chank Diesel courtesy John Wallace www.wallacefoto.com
Adam Turman www.AdamTurman.com
Anne Ulku www.anneulku.com

Artist web site: chanks.com
mnartists.org profile: Chank Diesel