John Gorka performs “If These Walls Could Talk” at the historic Village Hall in Marine on St. Croix.

Folk musician and family man, singer/songwriter John Gorka utilizes a rare knack for storytelling to envelope listeners, transporting them to new realities through vivid attention to place and time. Gorka was gifted his first guitar at the age of ten, only to have it pirated away by his older brother, forever cementing his drive to write his own music and take refuge in his songs. Born in New Jersey and married into Minnesota home life for 20 years, he proudly attests that his career and family life make the other possible. Gorka is a nationally recognized folk competition winner and scene-stealer, having written some of the most preeminent music of the New Folk Movement. To him, folk is about more than entertainment. To Gorka, folk songs serve a much deeper purpose to enrich and redefine public discourse and personal growth. Educators' Guide