Drummer Jason Gerling plays the custom drum kit he built for himself after a car accident left him paralyzed, and talks about how that event hasn’t stopped him from making music. Educators' Guide

Artist Bio:
At 23, Jason Gerling was an aspiring drummer with a promising future. Drumming professionally since he was sixteen, success seemed no more than a beat a way. For Gerling, music was not just his passion, but his identity. With plans to move to one of the epicenters of American music, New York, Nashville, or Los Angeles, it seemed nothing could thwart his dreams.

On March 27, 1994, while driving home from a late-night performance, Gerling fell asleep at the wheel of his Ford Escort, and the course of his life changed immediately upon impact. Gerling found his way back to producing music and went on to form Jammin’ Grooves in 2002, where his company mission is to spread encouragement through the power of music.

Artist web site: jammingrooves.com