We take a ride with mixed media artist Andy Ducett down some South Minneapolis alleyways to go hunting for lost treasures that may find their way into a future art installation. “My art kinda looks like your attic,” he says. “There [are] all these precious moments that really define who we are, that sometimes can be the most mundane.” Educators' Guide

Artist Bio:
Andy Ducett’s Joseph Cornell-inspired arrangements can include toys, discarded furniture, a photo, a shopping list, or a left behind note found on the sidewalk waiting for a curious someone like him to grab a hold of. What separate’s Andy from a hoarder, you may ask? It’s that he has an outlet for the things he finds in alleys and thrift stores. Each object has a story or an experience tied to it. Those are the things he’s interested in. He describes his drawings as things you would think of or see everyday, like the St. Paul skyline or a regular city street, except that they are created in such intense detail, you might not recognize them at first.

Andy received his master degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He’s also been over a dozen group shows, was awarded an Artist Initiative grant in 2009 by the Minnesota State Arts Board.

Artist’s web site: www.andyducett.com
Andy Ducett on MNartists.org