Be it quirky, classical or contemporary, the MIA hangs art of all varieties on its hallowed walls during the Foot in the Door exhibition. The only criteria is that the work measure up to the curator’s standards – in this case that means fitting in a 12”x12”x12” box. Chris Atkins, MAEP curator is on hand in this segment to receive the work and talk about the enormous undertaking that is Foot in the Door.

Let other photographers have their extravagant sets and fancy light setups; Darin Back needs only an hour and a roll of film to create his evocative portraits of Minnesota music luminaries.

Darin began his career in photography in 1991. He has worked in Hollywood and NYC, including as a first assistant to Annie Lebowitz. He moved back to Minneapolis around 2005 and has spent his time working locally, and shooting bands and musicians such as Paul Westerberg, and Bob Mould. He has 10,000 images to his credit since 1991 and counting. His work has been featured in prominent magazines such as Rolling Stone, Spin, and Magnet Magazine.

Raised in Canada, Michael Schmidt lives in St. Paul and works as a fine artist, scenic painter, and illustrator. Represented in collections throughout the U.S and Canada, Michael’s paintings focuses on “the beauty and variety of everyday life” which are the constant sources of inspiration for his paintings. “Common household objects, the urban and natural landscape, and the people I encounter provide endless ideas for color, form, and composition.”

When she says SOTA, you say RICAN! Hip Hop artist, emcee and singer Maria Isa has been ripping up Twin Cities stages for a while now. Raised by Nuyorican parents on the West Side of St. Paul, but she is proud of her Minnesota upbringing. Her music is a combination of hip hop, Fania inspired bugaloo, and Bomba laden rhythms. Her latest CD Street Politics demonstrates her versatility and musical prowess as she sings and raps about political issues while having a great time. She considers her self to be an educator and an activist in addition to being a musician. Being the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and human rights advocate inspired Maria to deliver a message about social justice and giving back to the community.

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Minnesota Music in this Episode:

Alison Scott

Phillip Johnston

Todd Menton
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Russ Brown
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Haley Bonar

Zhang Ying

Ellen Lease / Pat Moriarty Quartet