Painter Leon Hushcha, whose fanciful work is featured throughout the Twin Cities on murals and in restaurants, including Café Biaggio in St. Paul and Zelo in Minneapolis, challenged himself and fifteen other artists to “mess with each other’s work”. Educators' Guide

Collaborators included artists of all stripes – among them photographer Tom Arndt, humorist and writer Garrison Keillor, children’s book author and illustrator Nancy Carlson, and Jungle Theater Artistic Director, Bain Boehlke – all friends of Hushcha’s.

In this segment, Hushcha and two more of his artist friends — sculptor Judy Onofrio, and realist painter Paul Oxborough — talk about the challenges and delights of the project, and show us the surprising fruits of their no-holds-barred collaboration.

Complete list of Artists in the show:

Tom Arndt (photographer, St. Paul, MN)
Gregory Bitz (poet, visual artist, Minneapolis, MN)
Bain Boehlke (theater artist, Minneapolis, MN)
Nancy Carlson (author, illustrator, Minneapolis, MN)
Connee Mayeron Cowles (ceramist, Shafer, MN)
Don Gahr (painter and sculptor, Springbrook, WI)
Doyle Gertjejansen (painter, New Orleans, Louisiana)
Curtis Hoard (ceramist, St. Paul, MN)
Garrison Keillor (writer, St. Paul, MN)
Judy Onofrio (visual mixed-media artist, Rochester, MN)
Toby Old (photographer, New York, New York)
Paul Oxborough (painter, Minneapolis, MN)
Eric Recktenwald (photographer, Minneapolis, MN)
David Sollie (painter, Minneapolis, MN)
T. Cody Turnquist (Architectural Designer, Wayzata, MN)

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