MN Original celebrates the late Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson and his impact in our community through the years he spent in St. Paul. This special includes a rare interview with August Wilson from tpt‘s 1997 program Literature and Life: The Given’s Collection, profiles featuring director Marion McClinton and Penumbra Theatre’s Artistic Director Lou Bellamy and perspective from Star Tribune theater reporter Rohan Preston.

Special Thanks
Daniel Pierce Bergin, senior producer of tpt‘s Minnesota Productions

Photo Credits
Penumbra Theatre Company Archives
The Archie Givens, Sr. Collection of African American Literature
University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Some Featured Actors in Images
David Alan Anderson
Lou Bellamy
Willis Burke
Ty Jones
Robbie McCauley
Marion McClinton
Lester Purry
Rebecca Rice
William Byrd Wilkins
James A. Williams
August Wilson