Originally a photographer, Peter Haakon Thompson now uses participation, interaction and conversation as his main mediums to engage audiences outside of the traditional gallery setting. The A Project, the Art Shanty Projects, and Temporary Table Tennis Trailer, are just some of his works visible about the community. His latest work, Flag Services for South Minneapolis,  allows dialogue between Thompson and neighbors and results in Thompson creating a flag-portrait of the families that they then can fly on their empty flag poles.

Additional Media
Marc Fairbairn
McNally Smith
Steven Flynn

Special Thanks
Andre Lougee
Mike Hoyt
Mitchell Seidenfeld
Table Tennis Minnesota
Springboard for the Arts
Art Shanty Projects

Table Tennis MN Players:
Mike Berneck
David Carpenter
Wayne Hillestad
Dennis Johnson
Lucy Meyer
Neal Meyer
Joseph Sabas
Lucy Meyer
Debi Takamoto

Dreamsland Table Tennis Players:
Maura Chhun
Jonathan Dahl
Mike Hoyt
Wing Youg Huie
Anthony Liuzzi
Sharah Michelson
Kai Stenlund

Minnesota Music in this Segment:
Aaron Jorgensen – McNally Smith student
Chester Yourczek – McNally Smith student
Beth Albertson
Noah Hoehn