mno-buttonaha1Conceptual artist Jan Estep resists labels, whether for herself or for her work. She finds labels limiting and chooses instead to trust her process to utilize whatever medium best supports the idea she is trying to convey or the experience she is trying to create. She works in audio soundscapes, sculpture, video projections, essays, photographs or drawings, all at the same time or singularly, depending upon the project. Trained as a philosopher as well as an artist, Estep is compelled to push boundaries and question assumptions, and her works are demonstrative of the experiential approach she takes with her art.

In 2013, Estep’s projects included Finding Everett Ruess, a map project inspired by the story of the disappearance of naturalist and artist Everett Ruess, Are you there, Guanyin?, a 16-voice meditative soundscape installed with the Bodhisattva Guanyin, an 11th century Buddhist woodcarving from the permanent collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and Thinking Portraits, an in-progress series combining pencil drawings with MRI brain scans.

Special Thanks:
Christopher Atkins
Tammy Pleshek
Howard Oransky

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Frank Garvey and DeusMachina
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Jan Estep
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