mno-buttonaha1As a respected figure in the Twin Cities hip hop community, Jason Noer, a.k.a B-boy J-Sun, is committed to teaching younger generations both the cultural history of hip hop and the techniques behind hip hop dancing. Being a B-boy or a B-girl is not simply about the dancing or the music, J-Sun explains, but rather about understanding an entire foundation that includes the DJ, the MC/rapper and the graffiti artists.

Known for his breakdancing, J-Sun joins fellow hip hop artists Arturo Miles, AnnieUp, Dancin’ Dave, Nicki Cullinan, Suga Mama and StepChild to showcase the historically improvisation-based genre through the lens of contemporary choreography on the stage.

Minnesota Music in This Segment:
Carnage the Executioner

The soundtracks to Sherebral and Technolojoke written, produced and mixed by Stefon BIONIK Taylor

Old Skool, Uncle Fudge, and Set Trippin’ courtesy of North Star Media LLC

Special Thanks:
YMCA Tri-City Skate Park & Nick Hanks

Additional Media:
The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts
Cully Gallagher
Rob Ford
Brandon Werth

Additional Dancers:
Arturo Miles
Dancin’ Dave
Nicki Cullinan
Suga Mama

Student Dancers:
Cooper McDonald
Avery Taylor