Film photography was Andrew Moxom’s initial escape from the digital world. The analog nature of film, with its deliberate, tactile processes, was very appealing to the IT professional whose days were consumed by screens. But when he discovered the Civil War era process of wet plate or collodion photography, he was drawn to a discipline that was even further removed from the rapid-fire digital photography of today.

Using lenses that date from the form’s invention, and chemical developers known for their lethal side effects, Moxom embraces the tonality and artifacting inherent in collodion to create timeless portraits; modern personages lost in time.

Special Thanks
The Outing Lodge at Pine Point
Carlota Estevez-Gohlike

Acquired Photos
Justice Howard
Library of Congress, Prints + Photographs Division.

Minnesota Music in this Segment
Machinery Hill
Malachi Constant

This segment of MN Original was recognized with a 2014 Upper Midwest Regional® Emmy Award in the Informational/Instructional – Single Story category.