mno-buttonaha1Lithographer Kurt Seaberg enjoys the medium because of the foggy, atmospheric moods he is able to create. Lithography was developed in 1796 based on the simple chemical principle that oil and water repel each other, and the process Seaberg employs has changed little since that time.

An active member of the Highpoint Center for Printmaking since 2003, Seaberg’s prints capture the many moods of Minnesota with real and imagined landscapes. His prints were presented alongside his pen and ink sketches of the Sami people of northern Scandinavia in the Osher Gallery in the Nelson Cultural Center of the American Swedish Institute in early 2013.

Special Thanks:
Highpoint Center for Printmaking
Josh Bindewald
Carla McGrath
Cole Rogers

Minnesota Music in This Segment:
Michael Billét

Kurt Seaberg