Ed Bok Lee’s poem Ode to Bruce Lee is more than just a tribute to the martial artist and cultural icon. It speaks to the ability of art to create hope which in turn manifests itself as something that’s never been seen or heard or possibly even thought of before. And that just as quickly disappears. The poet loves the way “a good metaphor mingles with the realm of magic” and compares the process of creating poetry to Bruce Lee’s famed one-inch punch: “It comes out of nowhere, and is gone just as quickly.” mno-buttonaha1

Special Thanks
Coffee House Press

Martial Artists:
Joshua Dyrud, Alyssa Hatch, Mark Kin Ming Wong, Pete K. Wong
Modern Dancers:
Brianna Hall, Tim Rehborg, Elise Sande-Kerback
Mr. Slim, Stepchild

Minnesota Music in this Segment:

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Pete K. Wong