mno-buttonaha1Actress and singer Christina Baldwin says she grew up with art as a “normal part of her day and a necessary part of her week.” Singing everything from opera to musicals and acting in everything from Shakespeare to original plays, Baldwin is a staple in the Twin Cities’ theater community. We join Baldwin, actor Nathan Keepers and Director Dominique Serrand at The Lab Theater in Minneapolis during a rehearsal for The Moving Company’s original production Werther + Lotte.

Minnesota Music in this Segment:
Haley Bonar
Courtney Yasmineh

Special Thanks:
The Southern Theater
Mary Kelley Leer
Nathan Keepers

Featured Actors in Production Stills:
Christina Baldwin
Jennifer Baldwin Peden
Judson Pearce Morgan
Laura Esping
Michelle O’Neil
Doug Sholz Carlson
Sean Fallen
Dominique Serrand
Tinia Moulder
Mark Rhein