Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater (SPDT) is more than just a dance company or a theater group and if Stuart Pimsler could do it all over again, he never would have put those qualifiers in the name of his company. A modern dance troupe, SPDT is known for integrating spoken word into their performances, creating multi-layered, evocative productions that reflect on issues afflicting our society. These productions are often extensions of their Community Connections initiative, which brings Pimsler, his wife and Co-Artistic Director, Suzanne Costello, and the company members into the community with a variety of efforts. 

Temporary Shelter is their most recent program, a storytelling project with photographs by V. Paul Virtucio, relating to the 2011 tornado that swept through North Minneapolis.

Special Thanks:
Bobby Maher
Capri Theater
The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts
James Sewell Ballet Tek
Box North Community YMCA
Michelle Kinney

Minnesota Music in this Segment:
Big Quarters
Michelle Kinney