Clothes designed by Danielle Everine seem to harken back to another time, and it’s no wonder – her collections spring from daydreams about pioneer women of the late 1800s or turn-of-the-century trans-Atlantic voyages. The whimsy inherent in these historical influences is offset by Everine’s functional designs and use of wearable, practical fabrics.

Seeking to redefine beauty into something that doesn’t have to be glossy or glamorous, Everine creates accessible fashions for a modern woman who can be active while being beautifully dressed. Back in Minnesota after appearing on Season 9 of Lifetime’s Project Runway, Everine is more confident in her vision than ever, pulling renewed inspiration from the land and the climate of her roots.

Minnesota Music in this Segment:
Café Accordion Orchestra
Todd Menton
Big Daddy Jr. & The Spook
ASI Spelmanslag

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Model Kimbery Sun
Lifetime’s Project Runway
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Marshall Franklin Long-Spring Collection 2010
Marshall Franklin Long-Spring Collection 2011
Eliesa Johnson, Call Me Ishmael
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Chris McDuffie, Wanderlust/ Kiss Me Cake
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