Taiko drumming, according to Iris Shiraishi, is the perfect combination of music and choreography. With a background in Western music composition, Shiraishi was drawn to Taiko drumming, and the Mu Daiko drum ensemble, by the collaboration allowed between a composer and the performers.

Where Western music tends to be viewed as final once delivered from the composer’s hands, Taiko music is very dependent on its relationship with the performers and choreography. Sounds require certain moves and some combinations work better together than others.

Mu Daiko was founded in 1997 by Rick Shiomi, the Artistic Director of Mu Performing Arts. Shiraishi has been playing with the ensemble since the beginning and now serves at its Artistic Director. In this piece, Shiraishi works with the ensemble on her composition Voyage of the Star for Mu Daiko’s 15h Anniversary concert in February 2012.

Special Thanks:
Mu Performing Arts
Rick Shiomi

Mu Daiko