For Week Two of tpt‘s Spring Pledge Drive, we handed the MNO On The Go Blog over to two of our favorite alumnus: visual artist Kate Casanova and musician Chris Koza. Why the two’fer? Because these two accomplished artists also happen to be married, forming one of the more formidable artistic combos in the Twin Cities. Check out Ms. Casanova’s profile from Season Four, and Mr. Koza’s performance in tpt’s Studio A with his band, Rogue Valley, from Season Two. And be sure to enjoy an extra virtual episode of MN Original, courtesy of this talented duo.

All Eyes from MN Original #405 (original air date: December 16, 2012)

Kate & Chris: All Eyes are a group of highly skilled musicians that are all about creating an atmosphere. Their sound is moody, dark and sexy.

Andy Ducett from MN Original #114 (original air date: July 22, 2010)

Kate & Chris: Anything and everything becomes art in the world of Andy Ducett. His installations and drawings transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

Dan Huiting from MN Original #246 (original air date:  November 13, 2011)

Kate & Chris: Dan Huiting is the behind-the-scenes magician whose fresh camera work brings out the best in the artists he shoots.

Scott Nedrelow from MN Original #233 (original air date:  April 21, 2011)

Kate & Chris: An artist who exemplifies how sometimes the most beautiful artworks are born out of poetic simplicity.