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Sun Mee Chomet – Actress and Playwright

Chomet, Sun Mee


Sun Mee Chomet


Kevin Kling – Author, Playwright, Storyteller

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Kevin Kling

Kling, Kevin

MN Original is seeing green: A St. Patrick’s Day-inspired virutal episode of MNO

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Twin Cities arts fans! Irish heritage runs deep here in Saint Paul, and that tradition is reflected through the local arts community. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of artists who incorporate their Irish heritage into their art and creative endeavors. So with the Twin Cities’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade routed just a block from MNO headquarters at Twin Cities Public Television, we’re seeing green and celebrating with a Celtic-themed virtual episode of MNO. Enjoy!

Brian Miller and Randy Gosa, “Roll You Drivers Roll”

Folk musicians Brian Miller and Randy Gosa collaborate to bring us “Minnesota Lumberjack Songs: Irish Music from the Lumber Camps.”

O’Shea Irish Dancers

Young performers Taylor and Meghan of O’Shea Irish Dancers are headed to Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to compete in the Irish Dancing Championships. They share their love of Irish dancing, the details of their intense training, and the inside story on those wigs!

Machinery Hill, “Dirt Road”

Machinery Hill performs “Dirt Road” in tpt‘s Studio A.

Farewell Milwaukee, “When It Sinks In”

Farewell Milwaukee perform the title track off their album “When It Sinks In.”

The Guthrie Theater’s Othello Rich With MN Original Connections

Twin Cities Public Television’s pledge season rolls on (please consider supporting public television) so there will be no MN Original this Sunday night. But that gives us another excuse to dive into the MNO archives and explore the fascinating connections that arise between the many talented artists in our community. To celebrate The Guthrie‘s opening of Othello on Saturday, March 8, we present this Guthrie-themed virtual episode of MNO, which includes Marion McClinton, who directs the play, and Regina Marie Williams, who plays Emilia. After you’ve had a chance to watch this special virtual episode of MNO, make sure to get tickets to Othello, which runs through April 20.

Marion McClinton, Director

Regina Marie Williams, Performer

Joe Dowling, Artistic Director of The Guthrie Theater

Mathew LeFebvre, Costume and Set Designer at The Guthrie Theater


And stay tuned for our upcoming profile of Sun Mee Chomet, another Othello cast member, premiering online on March 28 and on tpt2 on March 30 at 6pm.


Maria Jette – Soprano


Brave New Workshop – Comedy Theater