We know, we know – artists using nature as their inspiration isn’t exactly groundbreaking news. But it’s Earth Day, it’s a beautiful Spring day here in the Twin Cities, and we’re reflecting on some of our favorite MN Original artists whose love and interest for the environment has shown through in their work. From Kate Casanova’s mushroom furniture, to Steve Heitzeg’s musical eco-scores, to Gregory Euclide’s incorporation of collected trash, we think these artists are incorporating their love for nature in some truly fascinating, inspiring, and beautiful ways.

Gregory Euclide

Unconventional brushes, collected trash and a malleable canvas are tools in Painter Gregory Euclide’s work.

Kinji Akagawa

Award-winning public artist and arts educator Kinji Akagawa shares the stories behind three of his sculptural constructions.

Andrea Martin

Environmental encroachment and global warming are themes in Andrea Martin’s hand cut paper art.

Kate Casanova

Visual artist and amateur ecologist Kate Casanova unearths unique intersections between art and the natural world.

Steve Heitzeg

We catch up with Emmy-Award winning composer Steve Heitzeg at his home in St. Paul to learn the secrets of his songwriting process.