Introducing our new MNO On The Go series “Practice Spaces,” where you’ll get a sneak peek into the intimate environments where local musicians hone their craft. In each piece, we’ll offer insights into what gives each spot its unique character (in this case, don’t miss the “anatomically correct” salt and pepper shakers). Click the photo below to get a closer look at the musicians in their space. To hear the raw sound of that evening’s recording, click the play button on the audio bar below.

orkestar bez ime practicing

At first glance, you wouldn’t think Dee Langley’s dining room could accommodate six whole people, much less six people with multiple instruments, ranging in size from clarinet to upright bass. Yet each week, the members of Orkestar Bez Ime crowd happily into Dee’s dining room catch up on upcoming gigs, and more importantly, to fill the room with the Balkan dance music they’ve become known for throughout the Upper Midwest.

The room is crowded cozily with antique wooden furniture, and eclectic trinkets from Dee’s world travels. Purple, green, and yellow Mardi Gras decorations dangle throughout, along with the occasional unidentifiable doo-dad created by Dee’s husband, a prototyper for the Science Museum of Minnesota. While the group plays, Dee’s cats, Loci and Mutt, wander in and out, unimpressed. To hear what what Orkestar Bez Ime sounds like in its natural environment, click play on the sound strip above. Stay tuned to MNO this Spring to see Orkestar Bez Ime perform in tpt‘s Studio A.