In five seasons of MNO, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the Twin Cities’ most talented hip-hop musicians, dancers, and activists. While hardly a day goes by without the music of at least one of these artists being blasted in the MNO offices, we’re celebrating Hip Hop Appreciation Week with a playlist of all the hip-hop-related videos that have aired on MN Original. Watch the playlist below, and be sure to check out the Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition’s website for a full list of events in celebration of Hip Hop Appreciation Week!

Included in the playlist:

Heiruspecs: The Pushback
Greg Grease: I Still Love H.E.R.
B-Boy J-Sun
Kill The Vultures
Amy Sackett
Spencer Wirth-Davis / Big Cats
Maria Isa
No Bird Sing
Guante: Cartpushers
Doomtree: Slow Burn at Rock The Garden 2012
Mankwe Ndosi
Brother Ali: The Travelers
Rebecca McDonald
Chaka Mkali