International Cartoonist Conspiracy: The Minneapolis Chapter

The Twin Cities are home to a large and active cartoonist scene, with professional and amateur cartoonists contributing to a humongous output of creativity and comics. Leading the charge for the Twin Cities comics scene is  The International Cartoonist Conspiracy: a gathering of cartoonists who meet up monthly at Diamonds Coffee Shoppe in Northeast Minneapolis to exchange ideas, tips, and tricks about cartooning, and collaborate to create “jam comics.” Watch this MNO On The Go video about The International Cartoonist Conspiracy to learn more about this group of supreme creatives, and watch a comic jam happen in action.

This video was filmed during the April meetup of the Cartoonist Conspiracy. Mobeius Is Dead, the sixteen-page jam comic that was produced in a four-hour span during the meetup can be found on the Conspiracy’s website at the following link:

Titles By Kevin Cannon
Special Thanks: Kevin Cannon, Steven Stwalley, Daniel Olson, Diamonds Coffee Shoppe.

International Comics Conspiracy
Nordeast Comics Summit
Big Time Attic
Steven Stwalley
Soapy The Chicken
Daniel Olson
Diamonds Coffee Shoppe

Ed Bok Lee at Dusty’s Bar on March 8

Kick your Thursday up a notch and take in the monthly Bosso Poetry Company showcase of poets and musicians at Dusty’s Bar tonight, March 8, 8:30pm to close, with special guests rock band Unguided (Kurt Allis, Ben Durrant and JG Everest) and poet and author Ed Bok Lee.

MNO had the pleasure of spending a beautiful day in a dank, dirty basement with Lee back in October. We combined 3 modern dancers, 4 martial artists and 2 break dancers with Lee’s poem “Ode to Bruce Lee” for a very dynamic and unusual staged reading.

Lee had these additional thoughts to share after the shoot:

What inspires you?
The passage of time.

What does art mean to you?
Be, not mean.

What was your childhood ambition?
Taxi driver to the moon and back (for the longest time, that’s what I thought “moonlighting” meant).

What’s your soundtrack?
A train going by in the night.

What is your essential tool?
Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.

Where do you write? Set the scene.
Lately, in my car. Depending on the scene I’m working on or mood.

Skill you wish you had:
Inter-dimensional lexicographer.

Visit the Bosso Poetry Company’s Facebook page for more information about tonight’s event.


Said Salah Ahmed

Ahmed_Cut 4 - Somali Story Web

Said Salah Ahmed: The Lion’s Share in Somali

Ahmed_Cut 3 - English Story Web

Said Salah Ahmed: The Lion’s Share in English


Said Salah Ahmed – Writer + Educator

Ahmed, Said Salah

Ed Bok Lee: Ode to Bruce Lee

Lee, Ed Bok


Ed Bok Lee – Poet

Yang, Kao Kalia

Carlson, Nancy