Paper Darts

When Jamie Millard and Meghan Murphy graduated from college in the Spring of 2009, their hopes of launching careers in the Twin Cities publishing industry were thwarted by a difficult economy. Their response was to create Paper Darts, a literary arts magazine that combines poetry, prose and design in ways that the local literary arts scene had never seen before.

Paper Darts is renowned for holding live events more reminiscent of a rock concert than an evening at the library. MNO On The Go attended their recent Super Super Tuesday to witness the magic unfold firsthand with guest reader/performer John Jodzio.

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Nomad World Pub

Paper Darts
John Jodzio

This Week at MNO

MNO shoots this week were all over the map, with Team Melin capturing woodworking with Cecilia Schiller, painter and MNO alumni Caitlin Karolczak sitting for figural painter Luke Hillestad and Cave Paper installing their work at the Grain Belt Bottling House. Team Blahnik is back from vacation and got physical with the movers of Black Label Movement and then a little more introspective with poet Wang Ping along the Mississippi. And Team Rowe finished up their field work on violinist Chad Hoopes with an interview over at MPR. In the midst of all this production, we’ve also been prepping for next week’s studio week. The fun just doesn’t stop around here and that’s something we’re thankful for every day!


We’re also now on Instagram, populated primarily with behind the scenes action from our Director of Photography Dan Huiting. Follow ‘mnoriginal’ to see where Dan’s going to put a Go Pro next.

Treat your mother to a new episode of MNO on Sunday, May 13, featuring TU Dance and their new dance center, Kyle Fokken’s unique hybrid sculptures, the Mni Sota: Reflections of Time and Place exhibit curated by Native American artist Dyani-Reynolds Whitehawk and music from Joey Ryan and the Inks. Click here for a sneak peak and join us at 6pm on Twitter, #mnoriginal!

Links we love today:

Fuel/Friends Chapel Session #15: The Head and the Heart

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Rest in peace, Maurice Sendak

Overheard in preproduction: “Hide it in the cowbell.”

TwitChat Recap: MNO #316

Every Sunday during airings of new episodes of MN Original, we host live Twitter chats from our perch in Twitter land with artists, viewers, and well, anyone, to talk about the show — live as it airs!

Click on the thumbnail below to read the recap from last night’s episode of MN Original, in which spoken word artist Guante joined us from the road, painter Christina Habibi talks about her love of textures, and sculptor Asia Ward shows off the coolest nightlight we’ve ever seen.

TwitChat Recap: MNO #315

Every Sunday during airings of new episodes of MN Original, we host live Twitter chats from our perch in Twitter land with artists, viewers, and well, anyone, to talk about the show — live as it airs!

Click on the thumbnail below to read the recap from last night’s episode of MN Original, in which the Director of Marketing for choral music ensemble, VocalEssence, chats with us about the group’s rehearsal routines, and musician Willie Wisely joins us from across the sea while on tour in Japan.


Saint Paul Spring Art Crawl


The Saint Paul Art Crawl occurred this past weekend in MN Original and Twin Cities Public Television‘s back yard of Lowertown. To get more perspective on the unique artists community in Lowertown, MNO On The Go spoke with four artists about their experiences at the Art Crawl, and what it’s like to live and work in Lowertown. To see more photos of artwork from Molly Joyce, Ruthie Lund, Lisa Mathieson, Alex Kuno, and Franny Hyde, check out our Flickr gallery. If you missed the Spring Art Crawl, don’t worry — the Fall Art Crawl is only six months away!

Molly Joyce: “[My work] is one aspect of fiber arts for me, installing fabric is something that I’ve been inspired by. I like to transform space and react to it. I live and work in the same space here in the Tilsner Building and it’s the first time as an artist I’ve worked in this way. Before I would have studio space I would visit.”



“It’s nice because Lowertown is like its own small community within the city. I think there was a lot of anticipation [about the Art Crawl]. Actually the last few nights before the opening you could tell people were up late working, you could hear people practicing music and tools randomly operating in the night, the elevator was still going at three and four o’clock in the night, which isn’t typical. People are really hoping to get more attention for the neighborhood and make it a destination for more people in St. Paul. We like it when there are more people in Lowertown.”



Ruthie Lund: “I do stained glass and I also do fused glass, and I also have my own line of bath and body products. Every season, getting geared up for Art Crawl, you know it’s a heightened level of excitement, maybe a little nervousness in getting ready. Every artist has the same thought process: I have to make sure my unit it ready for maybe a thousand people to come traipsing through. So we do a lot of rearranging of our own units to make it possible for people to walk through comfortably and view our art. It’s a kind of heightened level of excitement.”


“I have been here for two years at the Tilsner and I enjoy it a lot. You get to meet a lot of artists of course and then you’re able to collaborate, get a lot of good ideas, and there’s also a lot of great outlets for artists to expand themselves in the art world. [The Art Crawl] is something that we want to definitely keep going forward for years to come because it’s such an important event for the arts community in Lowertown. So with the light rail coming in and the market value of the property and we have more luxury apartment living coming in, what we want to do is preserve the artist community here, because we were the ones that made this area great. So going forward we just want to make sure we keep the artist community in tact and that the Art Crawl continues to grow.”

Lisa Mathieson: “I’m working with two different forms. I work with porcelain and I also work in glass, and I’ve been working in porcelain for six or seven years and glass for maybe half of that. And I picked up glass because it’s often like clay and there’s fire involved in both. A lot of people that do glass started with ceramics. In fact I talked to someone the other day that said inside every ceramicist there’s a frustrated glass artist, which I thought was funny. But I came upon [working in glass] entirely by accident.”


“I’ve been [working in Lowertown] about six years. [The artists community] is a very, very tightknit family. I feel like I know a lot of the artists. When I was only here two years, people would say, oh that’s Lisa, she’s lived here forever. And you get pulled into this wonderful community and everybody is so giving, and they share their knowledge. It’s a wonderful, wonderful place.”



Alex Kuno: “The experience of working down here – it’s just been incredible. I love the atmosphere here, there are so many artists, that’s really what this area is about. Just to be able to see other artists at various stages of their careers, just puts things into perspective. What’s really great about it is you can kind of commiserate and everybody looks at you and says, yes we’re all here and we’re all working. So that’s been such a unique experience. So being a part of Art Crawl, just the energy of it and seeing people come in from all over the state in some cases, and from all over the Midwest just to participate it — the energy has just been so positive and welcoming and encouraging and inspiring.”

“One of the reasons that might make [the St. Paul Art Crawl] different is that the people live and work in this area. And so they’re showing things from their studio and they’re inviting strangers off the street into their homes. And it makes it much more intimate than at a fair. So it’s more participatory, and it’s more collaborative and more community oriented. And I know the stuff that’s being planned for the Fall Art Crawl will be really incredible.”




This Week at MNO

Despite one-third of our Field Production team on break due to a well-deserved vacation for Team Blahnik, the week that was in MNO-land was jam-packed as ever. Team Melin had the pleasure of meeting and filming painter Andre Salvadore at work. Andre’s work, “I Follow Mother,” had the honor of being selected as the poster/ad art for the 2011 Art-A-Whirl.

He’s currently working on a series of paintings inspired by 1950′s cinema. As you can see from our photo, DP Mike Phillips went to great lengths to capture Andre at work.




Later in the week, Team Melin learned how to reupholster a chair in a way that allows mushroom spores to fruit on it’s seat cushion in four weeks’ time, with sculptor and amateur ecologist Kate Casanova.


Also fun fact of MNO’s six degrees of separation. Kate’s husband is musician Chris Koza, whose band Rogue Valley played in our studio last year.

Did you have a chance to watch the new video blog post about the International Cartoonist Conspiracy? You can watch that video here, if spur-of-the-moment collaboration, creativity, comics, and cartoonists are your sort of thing.

On Friday morning, the MN Original staff hosted an esteemed group of arts journalists and professionals from Armenia. The group is currently touring the Twin Cities through the Minnesota International Center, and were invited through the U.S. Department of State, with the goal of helping to promote tolerance through the arts. It was a fascinating experience to sit down and discuss the similarities and differences we have encountered through promoting and covering the arts.

Look for us at the St. Paul Art Crawl this weekend, where there will be tons of arts goodness going down in our backyard of Lowertown! Tune in to tpt2 on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. for a brand new episode of MN Original. We’ll be live tweeting with almost all of the artists appearing on this Sunday’s episode, including photographer Chris Faust, visual artist Silvana Ravena, Vocal Essence, and musician Willie Wisely. So join in for the live chat on Sunday, and feel free to throw out questions to the artists appearing on the show. Don’t forget to use the #mnoriginal hashtag.

International Cartoonist Conspiracy: The Minneapolis Chapter

The Twin Cities are home to a large and active cartoonist scene, with professional and amateur cartoonists contributing to a humongous output of creativity and comics. Leading the charge for the Twin Cities comics scene is  The International Cartoonist Conspiracy: a gathering of cartoonists who meet up monthly at Diamonds Coffee Shoppe in Northeast Minneapolis to exchange ideas, tips, and tricks about cartooning, and collaborate to create “jam comics.” Watch this MNO On The Go video about The International Cartoonist Conspiracy to learn more about this group of supreme creatives, and watch a comic jam happen in action.

This video was filmed during the April meetup of the Cartoonist Conspiracy. Mobeius Is Dead, the sixteen-page jam comic that was produced in a four-hour span during the meetup can be found on the Conspiracy’s website at the following link:

Titles By Kevin Cannon
Special Thanks: Kevin Cannon, Steven Stwalley, Daniel Olson, Diamonds Coffee Shoppe.

International Comics Conspiracy
Nordeast Comics Summit
Big Time Attic
Steven Stwalley
Soapy The Chicken
Daniel Olson
Diamonds Coffee Shoppe

TwitChat Recap: MNO #314

Every Sunday during airings of new episodes of MN Original, we host live Twitter chats from our perch in Twitter land with artists, viewers, and well, anyone, to talk about the show — live as it airs!

Click on the thumbnail below to read the recap from last night’s episode of MN Original, in which potter Guillermo Cuellar and visual Amanda Lovelee become new friends, painter Shawn McNulty discusses his favorite music to paint to (courtesy of Dave Campbell & The Current), and musician Hastings 3000 talks about multitasking on stage.

This Week at MNO

We hit an exciting milestone this week – all three of our production teams had a shoot on the same day! We were here, there and everywhere on Wednesday with Team Blahnik capturing process with Marisa Martinez at Quench Jewelry Arts, Team Melin filming a reading by Hmong storyteller Ka Vang and Team Rowe finishing up interviews with Toni and Uri Sands of TU Dance. We rounded out the week in the field with Ping Wang and her Kinship of Rivers project at the Yinghua Academy, a Chinese immersion school in Northeast, and tonight we’ll be at the Mixed Blood Theater with Jack Reuler for the opening of Learn to be Latina.

We launched a new blog series called Artist Day Jobs and first up is Anna Tsantir of Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service. Check out the video, let us know what you think and email us if you or an artist you know has an unusual day job!

Don’t forget to check out the American Craft Council show this weekend at the RiverCentre and visit the booths of local artists like Scott McGlasson, Josephine A. Geiger, Kelly Marshall and Fred Kaemmer.

Put your feet up on Sunday night and enjoy an all new episode featuring Guillermo Cueller, Amanda Lovelee, Shawn McNulty, and Hastings 3000 – you deserve a little break and a lot of eye candy. Join in on the live twitter chat using #mnoriginal to tag your tweets. We want to hear from you!

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Trumpet Kid

Overheard in the studio: “No lights can knock us out of sync.”

Artist Day Jobs: Two Bettys Green Cleaning

Introducing Artist Day Jobs, a new series in which we’ll explore how artists and musicians are making a living to support their talents. Know an artist with an interesting day job? Email us at [email protected].

In 2005, Anna Tsantir had a full-time arts administration gig and no time for her art. She decided there had to be a way of making a living that also supported her true passion — and so Anna founded Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service, the eco-friendly house cleaning company she now runs. While Anna no longer cleans houses herself, she has 28 “Bettys” on staff, all of them artists, musicians, or healers.


Barstow Photography


“Gypsy Blood” by Colleen Budge and Zac Spangler
“Take the Lead” by Colleen Budge, Mike Johnson, and Tim Wagner

Watch more videos from MN Original’s On The Go Blog:


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orkestar bez ime practicing

MN Original profile: Highpoint Center for Printmaking

Telling Stories with the Documentary Team

Part of our pre-production research included going to Dakota Tipi Nation Reserve just north of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

Stephanie Mosher is a Producer/Associate Producer on tpt‘s Legacy funded documentaries and has previously worked on First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe LanguageGracious Spaces: Clarence H. Johnston, Minnesota Architect, and Lost Twin Cities III. The documentary team is currently working on two historical documentaries and Stephanie shares a little bit about where they are in the process of production – and asks for some feedback from you!

Over in tpt documentary land, we’re in pre-production on our next history project, trying to wrap our brains around how we’re going to tell the complex stories of Minnesota in the Dakota and Civil wars in two hours. Our production team has been assembled and we’re out and about meeting with and listening to as many people as possible.

At this point, we have more questions than answers. Who will be our storytellers and subjects? What is the truth – told by whom, and how? How do we reconcile conflicting accounts? What are the lasting legacies of these wars? What we know for sure is that we want to tell a character-driven story that explores what the events of 150 years ago mean to Minnesotans today– one that is a vital present-day account more than a distant history lesson. We want to create a documentary that will appeal to young people and be useful to teachers in schools across the state and beyond. We are also hoping to implement new, non-traditional storytelling methods that enhance the look and feel of the film.

The documentary team includes:

Producer/Director/Editor — Emily Goldberg
Director of Photography/Online Editor — Robert Hutchings
Production Assistant — Leya Hale
Production Managers — Norbert Een, David Roth
Executive Producer — Shari Lamke
Senior Director Arts & Cultural Media — Dianne Steinbach

The field audio and post production audio, graphic designer, music composer(s) and web team members are yet to be determined. I’m the Producer/Associate Producer, Stephanie Mosher. Minus the titles, we’re a team that realizes the complexities, challenges, and vital importance of the topic before us.

To get our conversation started with the public, here are some questions for you: What do you want to know about the Dakota War? Do you have any written or oral accounts of the war in your family? Who do you think we should talk with in forming our direction? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Send them to me at smosher (at) or comment below.

This project is funded in part by the citizens of Minnesota through the MN Legacy Arts and Cultural Fund.

TwitChat Recap: MNO #313

Every Sunday during airings of new episodes of MN Original, we host live Twitter chats from our perch in Twitter land with artists, viewers, and well, anyone, to talk about the show — live as it airs!

Click on the thumbnail below to read the recap from last night’s episode of MN Original, in which fashion designer Danielle Everine discussed her love of Russian music, and musician Noah Hoehn talks about the necessity of performing in socks. Join in on the conversation this coming Sunday during the new episode of MN Original. MNO airs on tpt2 at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings, and the chat starts at the same time. Don’t forget to use the #mnoriginal hashtag!