“There is a difference between a photograph and a picture,” says freelance documentary photographer Terry Gydesen. A photograph is just a snapshot, whereas a picture “says something that will withstand the test of time.” In this segment, Gydesen shares her passion for documentary photography, with subjects ranging from politicians to Prince. Educators' Guide

She began her career documenting political campaigns including the 1988 Presidential Election campaign of Jesse Jackson and the multiple campaigns of Paul Wellstone for US Senate. She was also hired by Prince to document his European tour in 1995. Gydesen was one of twelve photographers commissioned by the state to document life in Minnesota at the turn of the 21st century. She also had a column in City Pages called “Terry Gydesen’s Daybook,” publishing one photo a week that characterized life in Minnesota.

Minnesota Music in this Segment:

John Gorka
Big Quarters
Carleton Macy
Phillip Johnston
Bill Mike Band
Coach Said Not To