The New Standards perform at the Ritz Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. Each of these legendary musicians talk about their style, influences and musical background here in the Twin Cities while adding their signature soulful touch some old favorites. Educators' Guide

Artist Bio:
The New Standards are a unique jazz trio that is making a splash around the world with their personality-laden brand of heartfelt, engaging performance and extraordinary musicality. Each member, coming from a distinguished background in pop, rock and jazz, brings something fresh to the project. Stand-up bass player John Munson, a founding member of legendary and chart-topping bands Trip Shakespeare and Semisonic, brings his mellifluous boy-choir vocals and melodious rock-steady chops. Chan Poling, the lead songwriter and vocalist of the seminal Twin Cities 80’s pop-punk band The Suburbs, is the crooner who delights with his piano prowess. Steve Roehm, the band’s Secret Weapon, with his sly looks under horn-rimmed glasses, started in the punk-rock Billygoat and recently ended a stint in the avant-jazz combo Electropolis. Steve climbs breathtaking jazzy and colorful heights on his vibraphone.