Kinji Akagawa is one of the most beloved teachers and artists living here in the Twin Cities. He has been called a model Minnesota artist, and a pioneer in the public art movement. Akagawa brings together local granite, cedar and basalt for Garden Seating, Reading, Thinking in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Works such as Peace Garden Bridge at the Lyndale Peace Park, and a pergola erected in Normandale Community College’s entryway exemplify Akagawa’s affinity for the spaces in which he creates by incorporating materials form the surrounding areas, creating deeper connections between the viewer and object. Educators' Guide

In addition to a 2007 McKnight Distinguished Artist Award, Kinji won a 1983 McKnight Artist Fellowship. Akagawa’s awards and recognitions include fellowships from the Ford and Bush foundations, a cultural collaborations grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, and a faculty enrichment grant from Carnegie Mellon Foundation.

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