Get ready to ride the frequencies and paint with sound, as Beatrix*JAR bends the circuits of discarded toys to release a fresh music all their own. Educators' Guide

Artist Bio:
Get out your Speak and Spell and play along with Bianca Pettis and Jacob Aaron Roske, who make up the sound art duo Beatrix*Jar. Think not of them as trained musicians, but as connoisseurs of sound that use found keyboards, battery powered children’s toys, and a whole lot of circuits as paintbrushes on the ear. They’ve traveled extensively over the past six years spreading the good word of do-it-yourself electronics and music with hands-on circuit bending workshops and conceptual sound art performances. Their work has been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in conjunction with the Tara Donovan Exhibit, the Hammer Museum in LA, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and the Wexner Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio.

After watching them play once, you will find it hard not to get involved in the action. Beatrix*Jar were just awarded a Bush Foundation Fellowship and look forward to attending more rummage sales and thrift stores in search of your Dora the Explorer and Elmo sound toys with their hard earned loot!