Elizabeth Kornhauser takes WNET’s NYC-ARTS through the American Wing Galleries at the Met to view and learn about a special painting called “Washington Crossing the Delaware.”

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David Horn

Editorial Director
Joan Hershey

Supervising Producer
Mitch Owgang

Senior Producer
Bob Morris

Maria Stoian

Associate Producer
Kevin Alexander

Julia Kots

Production Assistant
Brandon Traina

Images courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“”The Metropolitan Sanitary Fair — The Art Gallery,””
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, April 1864

“View in Sanitary Fair,
N.Y.C. Metropolitan Fair Building”
photograph by Mathew Brady

Archival images of the Sanitary Fair and
the United States Sanitary Commission,
Civil War Harper’s Weekly,
April 9, 1864

Special Thanks
Egle Zygas