Executive Producer
Ashleigh V. Rowe

Managing Producer
Marissa Blahnik

Amy Melin

Field Producers
Marissa Blahnik
Ryan Klabunde
Amy Melin
Kate McDonald
Ashleigh V. Rowe
Brittany Shrimpton

Production Assistant
Andrea Bussey

Production Coordinator
Katie O’Rourke
Kate Westlund

Post Production + Web Coordinator
Jeremy Hosterman

Director Of Photography/Editor
Brennan Vance

Jim Kron
Michael Phillips

Joe Demko
Mitch Griffin
Terry Gray

Ryan Klabunde
Brennan Vance

Senior Editor
Ezra Gold

Senior Graphic Designer
Ben Malley

Engagement Specialist
Katie Schutrop

Public Relations
Elle Lyons

Chief Content Officer
Terry O’Reilly


Additional Crew

Additional Cameras
Tom Adair
Mark Hentges
Jon Springer
Matt Ehling
McGraw Jones
Ed Dally
Robert Hutchings

Additional Audio
Bernie Beaudry
Eric Pagel
Johnny Hagen
Tom Hambleton

Additional Editors
McGraw Jones


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