Enjoy this ever-growing collection of arts and cultural video segments produced by public television stations from around the country. Featuring a diverse range of performing and visual arts, these features are made available through a groundbreaking content sharing system, allowing new audiences to discover the incredible work being created in cities near and far. MN Original is proud to support Minnesota artists as part of Arts Around the Nation.

Participating stations:

KLRN – San Antonio, Texas SoCal – Los Angeles, California
KAET – Phoenix, Arizona WCNY – Syracuse, New York
KETC – St. Louis, Missouri WEDH – Connecticut
KLVX – Las Vegas, Nevada WEDU – Tampa, Florida
KPBS – San Diego, California WETA – Washington, D.C.
KQED – San Francisco, California WFYI – Indianapolis, Indiana
KTCA (TPT) – Twin Cities, Minnesota WGBH – Boston, Massachusetts
KUHT – Houston, Texas WHYY – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
KVIE – Sacramento, California WNET – New York
MPTV – Milwaukee, Wisconsin WPBT – Miami, Florida
MPT – Maryland WSKG – Binghamton, New York
NMPBS – New Mexico WTTW – Chicago, Illinois
OPB – Oregon WTVS (DPTV) – Detroit, Michigan
RMPBS – Colorado WVIZ – Cleveland, Ohio