About MN Original

MN Original is tpt’s Weekly Series Celebrating Minnesota’s Creative Community

MN Original is tpt’s weekly celebration of Minnesota artists, working in all disciplines, across all cultures. MN Original inspires viewers to think about the arts in new ways, increases visibility of Minnesota artists and arts venues and cultivates new audiences by promoting a deeper understanding of the creative process. MN Original provides educators valuable resources and documents the work of Minnesota’s creative community.

All of the music featured in the series is created by and credited to Minnesota musicians.

The Legacy Amendment has made it possible for Twin Cities Public Television to produce this weekly series and more arts programming including performance specials and cultural and history documentaries.

First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe Language follows a new generation of Ojibwe scholars and educators racing against time to save one of Minnesota’s native language.

Gracious Spaces: Clarence H. Johnston, Minnesota Architect explores his profound influence on the aesthetic of our cities and neighborhoods constructed at the turn of the century.

All of tpt’s legacy funded programs are making an impact across Minnesota. MN Original is dedicated to preserving and advancing Minnesota’s artistic legacy.

Show us your creative process

If you’re an artist, or you want to recommend an artist for MN Original , we want to hear from you! Send us your links to Minnesota artists and artwork, including creative videos:

Email us: [email protected]

When Does It Air?

Episodes of MN Original air Thursdays at 7:30pm, on tpt 2, with additional broadcasts statewide on tpt MN and tpt LIFE.

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MN Original is made possible by the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund and the Citizens of Minnesota. Twin Cities Public Television is one of six public television stations in the Minnesota Public Television Association (MPTA) producing unique, regional series, specials and documentaries. Legacy funded MPTA television programs are making an impact across Minnesota.

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Chief Content Officer: Terry O’Reilly
Senior Director, Arts & Cultural Media: Dianne Steinbach
Series Producer: Ashleigh V. Rowe
Managing Producer: Norbert Een
Senior Producer: Emily Goldberg
Associate Producer: Kate McDonald
Field Producer: Marissa Blahnik, Angie Prindle
Line Producer: Joan O’Brien
Production Coordinator: Joel Zimmerman
Narration: Bill Hanley
Director of Photography/Editor + Gallery Animation: Steven Flynn
Principal Editor: Skip Davis
Online Editor: Ezra Gold
Offline Editor: Ryan Klabunde
Graphic Design: Ben Malley, Jon Van Amber
 Web Specialist: Jessi Foell
Production Assistant: Aaron Schloer
Opening Animation: Splice Here
Title Music Composed by: Phil Aaron
Title Music Mixed by: Brad Stokes
Production Assistant: Ellen Rolfes

The MN Original opening animation was produced by Splice Here with title music composed by Aaron/Stokes.

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