Dessa: A Minnesota Original Special

MN Original is proud to present Dessa: A Minnesota Original Special  , premiering Sunday, March 27 at 10pm on tpt  2.

Writer, rapper, singer, and member of the hip-hop collective Doomtree, Dessa is a musical force to be reckoned with. Her poetic lyrics and verbal agility have put her on top-ten lists across the country. Robert  Christgau, the “Dean of American Rock Critics” compared her to “an old-fashioned high-quality singer-songwriter like Joni Mitchell or Rosanne Cash — just one who’s decided that hip-hop beats, tolerantly and inclusively conceived, are a modern lyricist’s most effective delivery system”.

Dessa is one of seven local artists commissioned by the Cedar in partnership with the Jerome Foundation to create new music in collaboration with other local musicians. Dessa takes the stage with Heiruspecs bassist Sean McPherson, vocalists Mankwe Ndosi and Aby Wolf, drummer J.T. Bates and others, for her latest tour de force. Learn more about the 416 Club series.

Show Rundown:
Dixon’s Girl
It’s Only Me
Mineshaft II
Sadie Hawkins
The Man I Knew
Figure 8s
Mandolin In 7/4
The Chaconne / Matches to Paper Dolls
Into The Spin

Web Extras:
Anabel (Alternate Version): This up-tempo version of “Anabel”, which does not appear in the hour long special, was performed by Dessa and her band as an encore at the Cedar.
Dessa describes “Anabel”: Dessa talks about exploring new musical terrain at the Cedar, and the inspiration for her new ballad, “Anabel”.
Mineshaft II: Dessa talks about how her life experience is reflected in her lyrics, using her song “Mineshaft II” as an example.

Artist web site: Doomtree: Dessa
MySpace: Dessa
Facebook: Dessa
Twitter: @dessadarling

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