Sharra Frank

If you’ve ever spent time in a hospital, you know the dreary scene it conjures up. The Children’s Hospital and Clinic in Minneapolis is an entirely different story. Colorful walls and bright spaces are filled with books, toys, and uplifting original artwork by Minnesota artists- including Sharra Frank. Her commissioned 5’x6’ wall mosaic entitled Moondance greets visitors on the 6th floor lobby of the hospital- made with hand cut glass beads, stained glass, and vintage rhinestones all painstakingly assembled by hand in her Northrup King studio.

This segment aired as part of MN Original Episode #230.

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  • Sandy Robertson

    The mural is beautiful on the outside and you are beautiful inside and out. A wonderful mosaic in a perfect setting. Congratulations Sharra.

  • Heidi Frank Lindahl

    Sharra you amaze me and I am so proud of you! Your work shines, just like you! Congratulations!

  • Susan Phipps-Yonas

    Wow! What a wonderful story and terrific peace of work! It’s a lovely gift that will delight many children (and adults).

  • Bird

    Kudos to you Sharra – as someone who once worked for Children’s H in Boston, I can esp appreciate how your original art will enlighten and enliven the space positively for its patients … The piece is wonderful, magical and whimsical all at once. Glad to know your work is ever-expanding.

  • Sharra

    Ladies, I just read your comments here today for the first time, glad I didn’t miss them!! Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts, I so appreciate it! I am just blown away at how MN Original created this touching masterpiece, I am very grateful to have been apart of it.

  • Lottie Rike

    Hi Sharra,
    Just noticed the info above paragraph states that your artwork is availabe to view on 3rd floor. It is actually on 6th floor. Thought you might want to know so others can locate it.
    Thanks for sharing!
    RN on 6th floor <3

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