Michal Daniel

Discover the magic behind theater photographer Michal Daniel, who captures fabulous fleeting moments of drama across Twin Cities stages and beyond. He runs and dodges between seats, and even jumps onstage: all to get the performers at their best. Michal is originally from Czechoslovakia, where his father was an award-winning filmmaker. He learned photography in the United States at the Lowry Air Force Base in Denver. His first gig in the Twin Cities was taking photos of productions created by the beloved, now-defunct Theater de la Jeune Leune. He calls them, “My artistic soul mate.” He’s worked with many great actors including Paul Newman and Meryl Streep. In addition to photographing for the stage, Daniel has gone back to his home country to document the changes there after the fall of communism. Inside the theater or on the street, Daniel has a knack for catching the moment.

This segment aired as part of MN Original Episode #224.

Minnesota Music in this Segment:

Applebaum Jazz Piano Duo – http://www.markapplebaum.com
Bill Banfield – http://billbanfield.com/home.html
Dark Dark Dark – http://www.myspace.com/darkdarkdarkband
Machinery Hill  – http://www.myspace.com/machineryhill

Artist web site: www.proofsheet.com
More Michal Daniel images: www.640×480.net
Books by Michal Daniel

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