Laura Hallen

Laura Hallen creates mixed-media artworks from unusual materials, ranging from tutus to toasted marshmallows, cotton to fishing lures all framed inside plexi box casings. Hallen’s work explores an especially girly aesthetic, which as a former tomboy and still avid gardener, makes her creative process feel like having a party. Her pieces act much like skin, protecting innards coursing and exploding inside a sanitized, neat container. Hallen’s objective: to make special because she “just has to”, an approach that serves her well as her work morphs into new structures and the party moves onward.

This segment aired as part of mn original show #220.

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  • Birdlandbill

    The show is wonderful, sharing artists in a rich audiovisual venue. The artists and their stories are consistently interesting whether the medium is a personal favorite or not. This has allowed us to enrich our lives by seeking out and purchasing work from some of these artists. Whether we purchase or not, we are happy to know that the arts are so vital in Minnesota. Please keep up the great work!

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