Scott Lloyd Anderson

Rain, shine, heat and wind are no match for the paint brush of Scott Lloyd Anderson, a plein air painter who often chooses urban landscapes over the bucolic scenes of nature. Anderson studied with Joe Paquet (who was coincidentally featured in the first episode of MN Original) in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 2001, after 22 years as a magazine designer, he left his computer to go outside and paint. It didn’t take long for him to realize that nature never fails to reward and challenge an artist: constantly changing colors, light, and atmosphere. Cold and wind. Bugs.

Some of his most memorable paintings are those of the reconstruction of the 35W bridge. He had intended to paint the bluffs and Mississippi River unobstructed by the bridge, but found the grinding construction made for a series of paintings that would mark this time in Minnesota history. MN Original catches up with Scott at the intersection of 35W and County Road 42 in Burnsville were he finds beauty in the lines created by a freeway on-ramp.

This segment aired as part of MN Original Episode #204.

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  • Timm

    Always great to see you painting, Scott.
    Great show. I got a lot out of your reasons “why” you paint what you do.
    Keep up the great work!!!
    Your old friend, Timm

  • Jutta Karin Schultz

    I loved this…It is so fun to see why and how you get out there and do what you do…. it takes a great painter to make the mundane seem fantastic…..and you have done that…

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