The latest episode of MNO included a profile of GRAMMY® Award-winning children’s band The Okee Dokee Brothers. During their interview, the duo reflected on the friendly competition that has helped propel their careers:


Joe: So our friendship is, musically, based on somewhat of a friendly competition. Wouldn’t you say?

Justin: Sure.

Joe: Where we try – in high school, for instance, I would learn an F chord. And I’d say: “Hey, you know how to play F?”

Justin: And I’d say, “No.”

Joe: “Well, I know how to play F.” So then Justin would learn F. And then he would learn B Minor. I’d have to learn B Minor too. And the same goes with songwriting. We’ve always written songs together and if I write a song I bring it to Justin and he makes it better. And then he writes a song and brings it to me. And I make it better. By our additions. Right? That’s the way it’s always gone, we’ve always been raising the bar for each other and luckily it’s been in a somewhat friendly way. And so we’re still making music together. We haven’t quit.