Installation artist Liz Miller’s new work, Egregious Feng Shui, has just gone up at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan and we’re excited to share this photo, hot off the artist’s Facebook page.

Liz Miller Installation

Egregious Feng Shui challenges ideas related to order and balance with elements that are both visually pleasing and visually aggressive,” Miller explained. “Disparate materials, forms, and patterns come together to form an environment that references ornament, weaponry, and home decor, among other things. Buoyant, light-weight interludes are contrasted with denser, heavier passages. The viewer’s movement through the work is paramount to the experience. My aim was to create both harmony and discord.”

With Miller’s trademark use of color and pattern solidly on display, it’s interesting to note that this latest installation does not use any felt, a mainstay of her previous pieces. Of this shift, she shared, “I used white and green tarps like you find at Menards, bubble wrap, chevron fabric, spray painted paper, and translucent black vinyl. Aside from the paper, which has a built in rigidity, many of the materials are less inherently structural than what I normally work with.

“I had to work harder to find the structure…but it also presented an amazing opportunity for me to let the movement of some passages be a little more organic. The inclusion of more varied textures and colors is also an important part of this work. The felt works had become sort of repetitive in color pattern and weight. I could be more selective about the palette I was using here, and also consider density that appears light and airy vs. density that appears visually heavy.”

The exhibition is on view at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan through mid-March.

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