As an interdisciplinary arts journalist and dance critic, Camille LeFevre is well versed in all that the Twin Cities art scene has to offer. From architecture to modern dance, painting to cinema, there is little that she hasn’t contemplated. Her expansive insight was a valuable asset to MNO’s Advisory Board for the past two years, and we commissioned LeFevre to to create her own fantasy line-up of segments. She surprised even herself by not picking any dance.

Kate Casanova from MN Original #401 (premiered November 4, 2012)

I’m fascinated with Kate’s work, which is often a fascinating, surrealistic blend of visual and performance art. This segment helped me think about her art and articulate my interest in it as I was writing about her as my City Pages Artist of the Year.

Harriet Bart from MN Original #308 (premiered February 19, 2012)

Harriet Bart epitomizes, to me, the purpose and need for artists to exist in the 21st century. She’s a deep thinker and deft practitioner, whose work transforms the everyday into resonant works of profound meaning. Her studio is a wonderland of sculptural invention, of textures, words, materials and objects that invite and reward contemplation.

Kyle Fokken from MN Original #317 (premiered May 13, 2012)

What a lovely man and intriguing artist. So unassuming. And yet, like Dr. Frankenstein, his work blends the mechanical and representations of the organic (human, animal) in ways that create new and amazing creatures. He also makes church steeples take flight and houses that skitter across the floor. It’s “junk sculpture” with joie de vivre.

Brass Messengers from MN Original #302 (premiered May 30, 2012)

Because hearing them always makes me happy!