Every other month or so, we invite a small handful of music and performance groups to tpt‘s Studio A over the course of a week to record live performance videos for future MNO segments. Studio A is the largest broadcast TV studio in the state — essentially one big, open space for us to mold into different and unique treatments for each group we work with. These performances have resulted in visually creative and elaborate performance videos.

In contrast to the intricate and highly-crafted videos we produce in Studio A, MNO On The Go presents a new music web series, Skyway Sessions. The premise is simple: one camera, one mic, and one take to record a stripped-down, acoustic performance of some of the Twin Cities’ best music groups in the Saint Paul skyway. After performing in Studio A, the Greycoats were kind enough to volunteer as the first group for a Skyway Session. So without further ado, please enjoy Greycoats performing “Hideaway” during the lunch-hour rush just a few steps away from tpt headquarters, and right outside of the Union Depot.

Interested in seeing more from our most recent Music Week? Check out this behind-the-scenes photo gallery of Southside Desire and B-Boy dancer J-Sun performing in tpt‘s Studio A.