The corner of 43rd Street and Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis may look lifeless and frozen like the rest of the city on a 15 degree day in January, but the interior of the Ballare Teatro dance studio is practically vibrating with energy. A rehearsal space for the Twin Cities band Rhythmic Circus, the studio erupts with sound: taps, stomps, saxophone squeals, trumpet bursts, soulful shouts and joyous words. For the talented and varied crew of this self-proclaimed “high-energy rhythm experiment,” this is just another ordinary rehearsal.

Be sure to check out Rhythmic Circus on the TV(!) this Sunday, January 20, on MN Original‘s 100th episode, at 6pm on TPT2.

Percussion, guitar, and horns provide the soundtrack, but it’s the exuberant tap dancers that bring Rhythmic Circus that really bring things to life.

Scheduling a Rhythmic Circus practice session, with at least 11 schedules to coordinate, is no easy feat.

Speaking of feet, Executive Director Nick Bowman has moved his on the Rosie O’Donnell Show, the Ellen Degeneres Show, and Dr. Phil. He’s been the master tap teacher for the touring dance convention West Coast Dance Explosion for 7 seasons.

Hamming things up is never a challenge for the cast of Rhythmic Circus.