With Twin Cities Public Television entering the second week of The Great Sustainer Challenge 2012, MN Original will take another break from the tv airwaves this Sunday evening. To help fill the void, we’re handing the keys to our blog over to Alison Scott, who appeared on MNO in its second season. We asked Alison to curate her own episode of MN Original and share a little bit about her choices:

Davina & The Vagabonds from MN Original #202 (original air date: August 19, 2010)

Alison Scott: I met Davina when she had just moved here. I’ve always found her story really fascinating. The fact that she up and moved here on a whim was really a gift for the Minneapolis scene. I love that MNO explores her writing space and the piano that fell off of a truck. She’s doing something different than any other musician in town, and this segment shows you why she is the way she is.

Robert Robinson from MN Original #303 (original air date: January 08, 2012)

Alison Scott: This guy is a freak of nature. Any vocalist will tell you so. I’m not a particularly religious person, but Robert Robinson can make me a believer any day. I also love that the choir (Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir) in this segment is made up of all sorts of folks. All kinds of music lovers will love this one.

Darin Back from MN Original #105 (original air date: May 20, 2010)

Alison Scott: I know I am in this segment, and I almost didn’t choose it for that reason. However, Darin Back is a genius, and I’m happy to recognize him any chance I get. MNO shows you exactly how he got where he is today, his background, his thought process, and how he shoots. If I was an aspiring photographer, I’d be taking notes.

Rhea Pappas from MN Original #103 (original air date: May 06, 2010)

Alison Scott: This segment is sooo cool! I need to hire this girl to do my next photo shoot. I’ve never seen photos quite like this before. Who knew clothes looked so cool under water!?! I enjoyed that MNO followed Rhea Pappas and her mom through the whole process, coffee and all. I love that her whole vision is about women, beauty, and empowerment. Very refreshing.


MN Original: What an awesome episode, Alison! Who would you like to see appear on MN Original that has yet to be featured on the show?

Alison Scott: I’d love to see the Minnesota Boychoir featured on MNO. My band and I have collaborated with them in the past and it was one of the highlights of my career. I also know that Kevin Bowe just shot his segment, so I’m really looking forward to watching that one when it airs. Kevin is always good for a crazy story or two!