We’ve got plenty of photographic evidence that highlights the unforgettable studio event that was The Lowertown Line, presented by MN Original, hosted by Dessa and featuring Trampled By Turtles. But to really celebrate and memorialize the production of The Lowertown Line last week, we felt we needed some truly inspirational prose. And what better way to write a memorable ode than to crowd-source a good old-fashioned mad lib? So throughout the day of filming The Lowertown Line, we asked our Twitter followers to submit their favorite adjectives, verbs, nouns, and snarky salutations. The result was every bit as delightful, hilarious, and [adjective] as we could have hoped for. Check out our Lowertown Line Mad Lib below, and stay tuned to mnoriginal.org for more details on the broadcast of The Lowertown Line!