Brady Kiernan’s profile on MN Original is re-airing this weekend, and a lot has happened with the local filmmaker and director since his profile first broadcast nearly a year ago. Read our interview below with Brady to find out more!

MN Original: What have you been working on since your film, Stuck Between Stations, first premiered last year?

 I’ve been working with the writers of SBS (Nat Bennett and Sam Rosen) on another script, trying to get it ready for production. I’ve also been working on writing something with my brothers.

Are you still living/working in the Twin Cities?

I’ve been back and forth between Mpls and NYC quite a bit lately.

In your profile on MN Original, you say that Minneapolis has a great film scene but isn’t necessarily thriving. Do you still feel that way? What developments (or lack of developments) have you noticed since releasing SBS?

I do still feel that way. It’s nice to see some films come out and have some modest success (SBS, Memorial Day, Marvin Seth and Stanley), but in order to make it sustainable we need to have some breakout hits. We also need more people making good films, but I think our community lacks the mindset that they should get feedback in the script and editorial phases of their films. They just rocket through the process because they are impatient and want to get it done and out of their lives, when in reality they probably could do quite a bit more to make their movie better. I wish there was more of that kind of attitude from the filmmakers here. Also, I’d like to see our community get a better understanding of how to make their movies even modestly successful, and understand what the indie film landscape looks like these days. I think IFP MNis the only real resource we have in town that has a connection to that, the only place that makes an effort to connect to the larger indie production community.

What’s your favorite scene in SBS?

The tent scene was the most fun to film, and it was early enough in the production schedule that it gave me the feeling that the movie was really going to work.

Best movie you’ve seen in the past year? Worst movie?

The best movie I’ve seen in a while was Contagion, by Steven Soderberg. I hate calling out worst movies, but I did think that Haywire was pretty bad, also by Steven Soderberg.

Thanks to Brady for taking some time with us for an update. Tune in to tpt2 at 6:00 pm this Sunday for MN Original’s piece on Brady and Stuck Between Stations.