This was a HUGE week at MNO. Music Week comes around about four times a year and each one seems to be bigger than the last. As mentioned in  the MNO newsletter that went out this week (Not subscribed? Don’t miss another edition – sign up on the right!), we had a total of 7 bands come through tpt‘s Studio A in 4 days, each one with its own look and sound and considerations: The Narayan Sisters, the SocaHolix, The Shiny Lights, Alicia Wiley, Rhythmic Circus, Alpha Consumer and Astronautalis. It’s an absolutel whirlwind that requires all hands on deck and is so very different from our normal mode of operation. Check out some photos from the week below:

A typical MNO shoot is actually pretty small and self contained – we travel with a Producer, an Associate Producer and a Director of Photography  and that tends to be it. If there’s more than one person speaking at a time, we’ll add an Audio Engineer to the mix. Music Week, on the other hand, involves 3 Camera Operators, 2 Audio Engineers, 1 Lighting Designer and 2 Lighting Assists, 1 Production Assistant, 1 or 2 Associate Producers, and 1 Producer. This week was so big that we split the 7 bands across 3 Producers. It’s a big production and it’s absolutely thrilling.

Despite the way it may sound, there is plenty going on outside of Music Week at the MNO headquarters: our editors are churning out new pieces and completed shows and anyone not working in the studio is hard at work setting up whatever comes next. MN Original is definitely a team effort.

In other news, don’t forget that Art-A-Whirl is this weekend! We caught up with some MNO Alumni to learn what they’re working on now and what they’re looking forward to about the nation’s largest art crawl. Read more here.

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