Despite one-third of our Field Production team on break due to a well-deserved vacation for Team Blahnik, the week that was in MNO-land was jam-packed as ever. Team Melin had the pleasure of meeting and filming painter Andre Salvadore at work. Andre’s work, “I Follow Mother,” had the honor of being selected as the poster/ad art for the 2011 Art-A-Whirl.

He’s currently working on a series of paintings inspired by 1950′s cinema. As you can see from our photo, DP Mike Phillips went to great lengths to capture Andre at work.




Later in the week, Team Melin learned how to reupholster a chair in a way that allows mushroom spores to fruit on it’s seat cushion in four weeks’ time, with sculptor and amateur ecologist Kate Casanova.


Also fun fact of MNO’s six degrees of separation. Kate’s husband is musician Chris Koza, whose band Rogue Valley played in our studio last year.

Did you have a chance to watch the new video blog post about the International Cartoonist Conspiracy? You can watch that video here, if spur-of-the-moment collaboration, creativity, comics, and cartoonists are your sort of thing.

On Friday morning, the MN Original staff hosted an esteemed group of arts journalists and professionals from Armenia. The group is currently touring the Twin Cities through the Minnesota International Center, and were invited through the U.S. Department of State, with the goal of helping to promote tolerance through the arts. It was a fascinating experience to sit down and discuss the similarities and differences we have encountered through promoting and covering the arts.

Look for us at the St. Paul Art Crawl this weekend, where there will be tons of arts goodness going down in our backyard of Lowertown! Tune in to tpt2 on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. for a brand new episode of MN Original. We’ll be live tweeting with almost all of the artists appearing on this Sunday’s episode, including photographer Chris Faust, visual artist Silvana Ravena, Vocal Essence, and musician Willie Wisely. So join in for the live chat on Sunday, and feel free to throw out questions to the artists appearing on the show. Don’t forget to use the #mnoriginal hashtag.