We were in, around and on every possible surface of a hearse! Our teams love thinking up unusual ways to capture an artist’s process so when we heard Michael Thomsen had a hearse, we were all about it. Our day with Thomsen also included cigar boxes full of bolts and animal bones, monkey heads and local whiskey. Just another Monday around here…

Wednesday was spent interviewing two very inspiring and very talented women for segments that will finish shooting next week. Wang Ping, author and professor at Macalester College and Marisa Martinez, a jewelry artist and co-founder of Quench Jewelry Arts, shared their unbelievable stories of struggle and success on the road to discovering their art. We can’t wait to spend more time with these remarkable women.

Rounding out the week, we completed another step in a multi-shoot process with Michael Berglund and Team Melin is in the field as we speak with artist Karen Gustafson.

Our monthly newsletter hit inboxes yesterday crowing about 3 huge April events full of MNO Alumni. You want to know about these events too? Well I can only tell you they’re ARTCRANK, The American Craft Council Show and the Saint Paul Art Crawl AFTER you sign up for our newsletter with the little widget on the right side of any page on our site.

Tune in Sunday at 6pm for a new episode featuring Sally Award-winning painter and public artist Ta-coumba Aiken, fashion designer Danielle Everine, glass artist Fred Kaemmer and marimba and harmonica live-looping extraordinaire Noah Hoehn.

Bring your questions for Everine and Hoehn over to Twitter where we’ll be live-tweeting the episode with them – #mnoriginal!

Links we love today:

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Rhythmic Circus’ Operation Ellen (local)

Overhead in the edit room: “My accountant calls me a Movement Professional.”