What a beautiful week to be out in the field! Series Producer Ashleigh Rowe spent an afternoon with Toni and Uri Sands of TU Dance at their beautiful new location on University Avenue. Team Melin visited the archives at the Minnesota Historical Society with Julie l’Enfant discussing some notable women painters of the early 20th century. And Team Blahnik scouted for upcoming shoots with author Wang Ping and jewelry artist Marisa Martinez of Meztiza Designs and Quench Jewelry Arts.


Looking for something to do this weekend? Visit The Russian Museum of Art and see some of painter Oleg Vassiliev’s work on display in their lower gallery. Then watch an all new episode of MNO this Sunday at 6pm on tpt2 featuring Vassiliev as well as Patrick Scully of Patrick’s Cabaret, ceramic artist Maren Kloppman and a performance of “Walk on Water” from Kill the Vultures.

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