Part of our pre-production research included going to Dakota Tipi Nation Reserve just north of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

Stephanie Mosher is a Producer/Associate Producer on tpt‘s Legacy funded documentaries and has previously worked on First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe LanguageGracious Spaces: Clarence H. Johnston, Minnesota Architect, and Lost Twin Cities III. The documentary team is currently working on two historical documentaries and Stephanie shares a little bit about where they are in the process of production – and asks for some feedback from you!

Over in tpt documentary land, we’re in pre-production on our next history project, trying to wrap our brains around how we’re going to tell the complex stories of Minnesota in the Dakota and Civil wars in two hours. Our production team has been assembled and we’re out and about meeting with and listening to as many people as possible.

At this point, we have more questions than answers. Who will be our storytellers and subjects? What is the truth – told by whom, and how? How do we reconcile conflicting accounts? What are the lasting legacies of these wars? What we know for sure is that we want to tell a character-driven story that explores what the events of 150 years ago mean to Minnesotans today– one that is a vital present-day account more than a distant history lesson. We want to create a documentary that will appeal to young people and be useful to teachers in schools across the state and beyond. We are also hoping to implement new, non-traditional storytelling methods that enhance the look and feel of the film.

The documentary team includes:

Producer/Director/Editor — Emily Goldberg
Director of Photography/Online Editor — Robert Hutchings
Production Assistant — Leya Hale
Production Managers — Norbert Een, David Roth
Executive Producer — Shari Lamke
Senior Director Arts & Cultural Media — Dianne Steinbach

The field audio and post production audio, graphic designer, music composer(s) and web team members are yet to be determined. I’m the Producer/Associate Producer, Stephanie Mosher. Minus the titles, we’re a team that realizes the complexities, challenges, and vital importance of the topic before us.

To get our conversation started with the public, here are some questions for you: What do you want to know about the Dakota War? Do you have any written or oral accounts of the war in your family? Who do you think we should talk with in forming our direction? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Send them to me at smosher (at) or comment below.

This project is funded in part by the citizens of Minnesota through the MN Legacy Arts and Cultural Fund.